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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved in the browser of your computer, tablet, mobile phone after visiting websites. Each cookie is unique and includes the name of the site that created it, and a unique sequence of numbers and letters. These files are not computer programs, they can not read your personal information and do not threaten your privacy. Cookies can not distribute computer viruses and can not harm your device.
Cookies are used to support the operation of websites, web analytics and statistics, increase the effectiveness of the site using the user, and targeting.

Can I prohibit the use of cookies?

You can configure your browser to allow or deny the storage of cookies on the device. To do this, please visit the Help section of your browser and follow the instructions for managing cookies.
Most browsers will:
• View which cookies are installed on your device (s) and delete them separately
• Block third-party cookies
• Block cookies from specific sites
• Block cookie completely
• Receive notifications about the use of cookies
• Delete all cookies when the browser is closed
Please be aware that any changes made to cookie settings will apply to all websites you visit, not just to (unless you block cookies from a particular site).

How we use cookies

Using cookies helps us analyze the use of our site by users and improve their user experience when visiting our site. We never use information collected through cookies to identify your identity.

With the help of cookies we collect the following information that is not personal: information about the user's location, the type and version of the OS, the type and version of the browser, the type of device and its screen resolution, the source where the user came from, from which site or by what advertisement, OS and browser language, which pages are opened and which buttons are clicked by the user, ip-address. We use this information in order to operate the site, conduct retargeting and conduct statistical surveys and surveys, as well as customize materials and advertising, provide social networking functions and analyze website traffic. In addition, we provide information about your use of our site by trusted social networks, as well as partners in the field of advertising and analytics.

If you do not want your data processed, please leave our site or set a ban on using cookies in your browser.

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